All paintings listed on this website are available for sale.
The sales price of any painting is 10,000 euros
painting of Paramahamsa Yoganandapainting of a poet Vladimir Mayakovskypainting of Emanuel Macronpainting of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his fife Jacqueline Kennedypainting of JFKpainting of Mikhail Gorbachevpainting of writer Anton Chekhovpainting of a poet Rūdolfs Blaumanispainting of Elon Muskpainting of Steve Jobspainting of poet Jānis Pliekšāns Rainispainting of Rambo from the movie First Bloodpainting of Jack Dawney Jr. as Ironman Tony Starkpainting of Bruce Lee from the movie Return of the Dragonpainting of Arnold Schwarzeneggerpainting of Oscar Schindler from the movie Schindlers listpainting of Albert EInsteinpainting of Monika Lewinskypainting of a mountain goatpainting of a happy fox in the winterpainting of a woman in greenpainting of a roosterpainting of a jackdawpainting of a seagullpainting of a tigerpainting of a red-haired womanpainting of general Mark Milleypainting of toucan birdpainting of a zebra in savannahpainting of a yellow bird singingpainting of a curious catpainting of a golden lionpainting of a dove above NYpainting of a red boatpainting of an owlpainting of a storm trooper from star warspainting of an elkpainting of an eagle flying over the earthpainting of emperor penguinspainting of a kingfisher birdpainting of hay-stackspainting of a seashore and pine treespainting of a churchpainting of an elephantpainting of a Straupe manor castlepainting of a camel and pyramidspainting of a house in winterpainting of a parrotpainting of house in the countrypainting of Donald Trump